DPF Removal in Leeds

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is housed in the exhaust and is designed to capture the soot particles emitted from modern diesel engines.

Sadly, many of the DPF equipped cars are developing problems due to the DPF either failing, clogging up or just failing to carry out a regeneration properly.

This can be down to the age of the vehicle, mileage or could be simply down to the driving style of the owner. Whatever it is, when a DPF warning light illuminates it often means a pretty expensive bill is on its way. Read what bbc Watchdog had to say on the issue and watch their video by clicking the link.

If this does happen, there are some upsides. A DPF removal in Leeds can increase your vehicles fuel economy, performance and decrease the likelyhood of a breakdown or your car ending up in "limp mode" and save you a pretty large sum of of money if the time has come to replace your Diesel Particulate Filter which can be considered normal for some car manufacturers at 60 to 75 thousand miles and costing upwards of a £1000 and over to carry out. For DPF Removal in Bradford, call us now on 07909 890361 and let us book you in and start saving you money.